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E-MetroTel Warranty and Support Services

E-MetroTel fully supports the products, applications and services we deliver to the global market. Our solutions are sold and delivered to the market through our network of distribution and reseller partners who are highly qualified and fully certified to sell, install, upgrade, support and service E-MetroTel solutions.

For E-MetroTel solutions, direct customer (or end-user) support is initially provided by the customer’s solution provider. E-MetroTel respects the direct relationship that customers have with their service/installation provider (reseller) and will not directly respond to end-customer support, service or warranty requests without first being directed to do so by the reseller. A typical scenario involves the end customer requesting service/support from the E-MetroTel knowledgeable, well-trained reseller. The reseller answers the call and in most cases completes the service/support request in a timely and professional manner. In cases where the reseller cannot quickly resolve the service/support request, the reseller can directly engage E-MetroTel’s support/service experts by calling +1 (214) 702-5289 or sending an e-mail to The reseller may also instruct E-MetroTel to provide support/service directly to an end-user customer.

It is the responsibility of the reseller to ensure that the customer has an active warranty and/or subscription service in place to receive support and warranty services. In cases where the end-user customer is not covered under an active warranty and/or subscription service, E-MetroTel reserves the right to bill directly for warranty and support services provided.

Warranty and Subscription support services are provided as described below:

UCX System warranty provides full system replacement service:

All UCX Systems (50, 450 & 1000) come standard with 1-year warranty. System warranty provides unlimited E-Mail support with "best effort" response time, plus full system replacement for unrecoverable system failure.

System warranties can be extended to 3 year coverage for a nominal

Subscription services provide a comprehensive framework for support:

  • Support subscriptions are ordered in Basic, Premium and Premium Plus options.
    • Basic provides weekday (9 to 5) phone support with a 24-hour response SLA,
    • Premium provides weekday (7 to 7) phone support with a 4-hour response SLA, and
    • Premium Plus provides 24/7 phone support with a 1-hour response SLA and provides free upgrades to the latest software release.
  • Support subscriptions are provided in one, two or three year durations.
    • Two-year subscriptions offer a 10% discount over equivalent 1-year subscriptions,
    • Three-year subscriptions offer a 20% discount over equivalent 1-year subscriptions.
  • Support subscription services are a mandatory requirement on a per-client basis and should be ordered at the same time with each corresponding product code by choosing a desired SLA level and subscription duration.


E-MetroTel technical support and documentation can be obtained as follows:

E-Mail Communication Access:

Voice Communications Access :


+44 (207) 558-8277

(press 1 for Support)

US , Canada & CALA

+ 1 (214) 702-5289

E-MetroTel Support


Product documentation can be accessed through the E-MetroTel wiki at:

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