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E-MetroTel Assurance Services

E-MetroTel provides full support to the products, applications and services we deliver to the global market. Our solutions are sold and delivered to the market through our network of authorized and certified E-MetroTel Master Reseller and Reseller partners (Reseller) who are highly qualified and fully certified to sell, install, upgrade, support and service E-MetroTel solutions.

For E-MetroTel solutions, End User support is provided by the End User’s solution provider (Reseller). E-MetroTel respects the direct relationship that End Users have with their Reseller and provides support to End Users through and in collaboration with the End User’s Reseller for warranty and service requests.

End Users requiring warranty or support service for their E-MetroTel solution should contact their Reseller. The Reseller responds and in most cases completes the warranty or support service request in a timely and professional manner. In cases where the Reseller cannot quickly resolve the request, the Reseller can directly engage E-MetroTel’s support and service experts by opening a trouble ticket, specifying (1) End Customer Name, (2) UCtype and Host Id, (3) Software Release level and (4) Call Scenario generating the issue.  If the UCX system is down, add to the ticket “Emergency – System Down” and call 214-556-5917 (option #1). The Reseller may also request E-MetroTel assist in providing warranty or support services directly to an End User.  E-MetroTel support to End Users is performed in conjunction with the End User’s authorized E-MetroTel Reseller.

Upon receipt of a warranty or support service request, including requests for additional extensions, E-MetroTel confirms in the manufacturer registry that the equipment has an active Assurance Warranty and/or Assurance Support Service contract in place and at the corresponding service level. E-MetroTel will immediately advise the requesting party if the warranty or support service request is NOT covered by an active Assurance Warranty or Assurance Support Service contract.  In the case of an expired Assurance Support Service contract, the Reseller and/or End User is required to purchase (1) an upgrade to current release, (2) an Assurance Support renewal and (3) support hours to perform a system audit and the upgrade at a billable hourly rate provided by E-MetroTel.  The Assurance Support Service will proceed once the Reseller and/or End User provides an approved purchase order. If the service outcome results in an issue with expired warranty hardware, E-MetroTel will provide options to resolve the issue.

Assurance Support Services are only considered active if the request for support is initiated by opening a trouble ticket prior to the expiration date of the purchased Assurance Support Service (Standard, Premium or Premium Plus – one or three year duration). 

E-MetroTel Assurance Warranty Services

All UCX Systems (20, 50E, 450 & 1000) come with a 1-year warranty per Reseller Agreement.  Assurance Warranty Services provide "best effort" response time, plus like for like replacement of the UCX base system if confirmed defective by E-MetroTel within the contracted warranty period.  Sets and Gateways purchased from E-MetroTel are covered under a standard 1 year warranty and provides like for like replacement of these Sets and Gateways if confirmed defective by E-MetroTel within the 1 year warranty period per Reseller Agreement.

Assurance Warranty Services can be extended to 3 year coverage by purchasing an extended warranty, available ONLY at time of system purchase. Extended warranty applies only to UCX components.

E-MetroTel Assurance Support Services

  • Assurance Support Services are ordered in Standard, Premium and Premium Plus options.
    • Standard provides weekday (9 to 5) phone support with a 24-hour response SLA and is included with every UCX system purchase,
    • Premium provides weekday (7 to 7) phone support with a 4-hour response SLA, and
    • Premium Plus provides 24/7 phone support with a 2-hour response SLA.
  • Assurance Support Services are provided in one or three year durations.
    • Three-year Assurance Support Service contracts offer a 20% discount over the equivalent 1-year support duration.
    • Assurance Support Services are a mandatory requirement on a per-End User basis and should be ordered at the same time with each corresponding product code by choosing a desired SLA level and service duration. Standard support is included with every UCX system purchase.
    • E-MetroTel Assurance Support Services in Standard, Premium and Premium Plus options include all software upgrades throughout the duration of the active Assurance Support Service contract.


Maintain An Active Assurance Support Service Contract

Assurance Support Service contracts that have expired, or are due to expire should be renewed to ensure continuity of Support Services and avoid unnecessary additional costs.  Contact your Reseller for a quote.

E-MetroTel Assurance Professional Services

Introducing a team of highly trained technical experts that believe the development and support of any network/communications environment can and should be much more cost effective; and technical experts need to be much more responsive and reliable.

Our professional services portfolio consists of:

Application Services:

  • Custom application design
  • Application tuning
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Contact Center/IVR customization

Support Services:

  • System maintenance
  • Communications application maintenance & support
  • Database management

Advisory Services:

  • Technical consulting
  • Network architecture & planning
  • Migration planning and strategy
  • System & network audit
  • Technical training 

E-MetroTel Technical Support and Documentation access

E-Mail Communication Access:

Voice Communications Access :


+44 (207) 558-8277

(press 1 for Support)

US , Canada & CALA

+ 1 (214) 702-5289

E-MetroTel Support


Product documentation can be accessed through the E-MetroTel wiki at:

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